Little Dip Conservation Park, 4th December, 2009

Anth and Richy take a camping trip to the Cooring and Little Dip Conservation Park

New House, 28th August, 2009

Anth and Ness move in to their new house!

Dan and Su, 1st August, 2009

Dan and Su come visit us in Australia - under construction..

TVR arrived in Oz, 24th July, 2009

It will need some work before it can be registered here...

Home in Australia II, 14th February, 2009

More miscellaneous Australia photos as we go along..

Lotus Elan rebuild, 7th January, 2009

The Elan failed its Australian road worthy inspection :( this is the rebuild...

Home in Australia, 22nd December, 2008

Miscellaneous Australia photos as we go along..

Last few weeks in the UK, 3rd December, 2008

Anthony and Ness visit family and friends through the UK

Last weekend in Vienna, 28th November, 2008

Some of the UK team visit for the last weekend in Vienna to see us and the Christmas Markets

Rome, 31st October, 2008

Anthony, Ness, Dan and Su visit Rome, Italy

Riviera Roadtrip, 3rd October, 2008

Anthony and Ness take a roadtrip through the Italian and French Riviera

Sportswagen Fest and the Grossglockner, 30th August, 2008

Sportwagen Festival in Velden and a drive over the Grossglockner High Alpine Road

Croatia, 2nd August, 2008

Julian, Donna, Ness and Anthony have a summer holiday in Croatia

Bucharest, 9th May, 2008

Anthony and Ness visit Bucharest, Romania

Ness' new car, 15th March, 2008

a 1998 TVR Griffith 500

IAEA Ball, 9th February, 2008

At the 2008 International Atomic Energy Agency Ball in the Hofburg, Vienna

Stockholm, 25th December, 2007

Anthony and Ness go to Stockholm, Sweden

Ian and Donnas wedding, 9th December, 2007

Ian and Donna take the plunge

Sicily, 24th August, 2007

Dan, Su, Julian, Donna, Rob, Ness and Anthony have a summer holiday in Sicily, Italy

Canyoning, 20th July, 2007

white water rafting and canyoning in Bovec, Slovinia

Janek and Julia's wedding, 26th May, 2007

Janek and Julia get married in Warsaw, Poland

Grossglockner, 28th April, 2007

Anthony and Richy do the Grossglockner High Alpine Road in the Lotus

New York, 27th October, 2006

Anthony, Ness, Sophie and Matt in New York

Richy and Lisas wedding, 22nd July, 2006

Richy and Lisa tie the knot

Family visit in Austria, 5th July, 2006

Mum, Bill and Jo visiting us in Austria

Budapest, 30th March, 2006

Anthony and Ness go to Budapest, Hungary

Danube Valley, 25th March, 2006

Anthony and Ness spend a weekend in and around the Danube Valley near Vienna

Vienna, 21st March, 2006

Ness and Anthony move to Vienna, Austria

Last weekend in Brussels, 17th March, 2006

The UK team join Ness and I for the last horah in Brussels!

Brussels by night, 16th March, 2006

Tomek gives Anthony some expert tuition on photography by night

Birthday weekend, 10th March, 2006

Going away drinks in Gent plus Birthday weekend

Australia IV, 26th December, 2005

Anthony and Ness back in Australia

Louvain and Brugge at Christmas, 17th December, 2005

Anthony and Ness visiting Louvain and Brugge at Christmas time

Brussels at Christmas, 11th December, 2005

some of the nice Christmas lights in Brussels

Berlin, 4th November, 2005

Rob, Ian, Julian, Nick and Anthony in Berlin

Mont Blanc, 24th August, 2005

Anthony, Jazz, Rob and Nigel in Chamonix, France to climb Mont Blanc

Cologne Beer Festival, 30th July, 2005

Diego, Ian and Anthony get the train to Cologne, Germany for a beer festival

Spanish Pyrenees, 20th July, 2005

Anthony, Jarrad, Rob and Gregi in the Spanish Pyrenees

Le Mans 2005, 17th June, 2005

Anthony, Jazz, Rob, Gregi, Neil, Phill, Saj and Mark go to the 2005 Le Mans 24 hour race in France

Sailing in Holland, 3rd June, 2005

Sailing in Holland's inland sea with Sir Gregi, Tomasz, Janek and friends

Warsaw, 20th May, 2005

Anthony and Jazz vistit Warsaw, Poland with Piotr, Sir Gregi and Marcin

Nurburgring, 16th May, 2005

Anthony, Donald, Ian and Sir Gregi visit the Nurburgring in Germany for a hot lap

Cascais and lisbon, 5th May, 2005

Anthony and Ness spend a long weekend in Portugal

Igloo holiday, 26th March, 2005

Igloo making under the matterhorn and Lake Como in Italy

New pad in Brussels, 7th January, 2005

Some pictures of Anthony's new flat in Brussels, Belgium

Anthony's new car, 17th December, 2004

a 1972 Lotus Elan Sprint DHC

California, 17th September, 2004

Anthony, Jazz and Ian do a road trip in California

Venice, 10th September, 2004

Anthony, Jazz, Soph and Ness visit Venice, Italy

Longboating weekend, 3rd September, 2004

Anthony, Jarrad, Ness, Sophie, Liam and Duncan go longboating in Nuneaton, near Coventry

Torquay, 14th August, 2004

Anthony, Jazz and Ian spend a weekend in Torquay

Aonach Eagach, 7th August, 2004

Anthony, Richard, Jazz and Brian do Aonach Eagach in Glen Coe, Scotland

Peak District, 25th June, 2004

Anthony, Jazz and Richy do part of the Peak District

Lake District, 1st May, 2004

Anthony and Jazz meet up with Richy and Lisa in the Lake District

Barcelona, 9th April, 2004

Jazz, Richy, Rob, Ian and Anthony in Barcelona, Spain for Easter

Dan's Stag Do, 6th February, 2004

weekend trip to Sheffield for Dan's stag do

Chamonix, 20th December, 2003

massive skiing and boarding trip to Chamonix, France

Estonia and Latvia, 20th October, 2003

Jazz, Richy and Anthony travel through Estonia and Latvia

Mike's stag do, 25th September, 2003

boys trip to Tallinn, Estonia for Mike's stag do

Bayeux, 20th September, 2003

Anthony, Ness, Sophie and Jazz go to Bayeux in France for the weekend

Santorini, 21st August, 2003

the gang head over to the Greek Islands for a week

Three Peaks Challenge, 1st August, 2003

Anthony, Richy, Brian, Tanja and Ian attempt the Thee Peaks Challenge

Rob's 29th birthday party, 13th June, 2003

Rob's surprise fancy dress 29th birthday party in Portsmouth

the 100 club, 25th May, 2003

Anthony, Ness, Jazz, Rob, Fi, Graham and Liz give the 100 club a bash in Portsmouth

Lotus track day at Castle Combe, 24th May, 2003

Anthony, Ness, Julian, Tony, Mark and Paul go to the Lotus cars track day at Castle Combe

Ilfracombe, 2nd May, 2003

Mike and Ian's 30th birthday celebrations in Ilfracombe, Devon

School Disco, 26th April, 2003

Anthony, Ness, Dan, Sue, Mike, Aliy, Ian, Jazz, Sam and friends at School Disco in Hammersmith

Orkney Islands, Easter, 18th April, 2003

Anthony and Ness visit the Orkney Islands with Becky and Nick

Boston, 27th March, 2003

Anthony and Richy visit Andrew in Boston

Anthony's 30th birthday weekend, 14th March, 2003

The gang celebrate Anthony's birthday with a long weekend in Horsmonden, Kent

Australia III, 26th March, 2003

Anthony going back to Australia for Grandma's 90th birthday

Ambleside, Lake District, 31st January, 2003

Anthony, Jarrad, Dan, Mike and Ian visit Ambleside in the Lake District

Tinges, 18th January, 2003

Anthony and Jarrad snowboarding in Tinges, France

New Years 2003, 31st December, 2002

The gang at Rob and Fi's 2003 New Years Eve Party

Interlaken, 24th December, 2002

Anthony, Richard and Ness in Interlaken, Switzerland

Ben Nevis, 7th December, 2002

Anthony, Jarrad and Phil climb Ben Nevis

Beuzeville, 11th October, 2002

Anthony, Ness, Ruth, Bill and Keeva in Beuzeville, France

French Pyrenees, 9th September, 2002

Anthony, Richard and Jarrad in the French Pyrenees.

French Roadtrip, 6th September, 2002

Anthony and Richard drive through France to pick Jarrad up at Toulouse airport for our hiking in the Pyrenees

Amsterdam, 23rd August, 2002

Anthony, Richard, Rob, Jarrad, Julian, Stuart and Bill in Amsterdam

Le Touqet, 13th July, 2002

Anthony, Richard, Tom and Julie visiting Le Touqet, France

Australia II, 19th June, 2002

the second Australia visit

Manila, 13th June, 2002

Anthony, Richard and Jo in Manila for Dads wedding

Caernarfon, 1st June, 2002

Anthony, Richard and Jarrad in Snowdon, Wales

Ben Lawers, 29th March, 2002

Anthony, Richard and Jarrad at Ben Lawers, Scotland

Horning, 16th February, 2002

Anthony and Richard visiting Ray and Janet in Horning

Avoriaz II, 19th January, 2002

Anthony, Jarrad & Rob boarding in Avoriaz, France

Lenzie, 24th December, 2001

visiting Jodys relative in Lenzie, Scotland

Snowdonia, 30th November, 2001

Anthony and Jarrad in Snowdonia, Wales

Castle Combe, 24th November, 2001

Anthony and Jody visiting Castle Combe

fireworks, 4th November, 2001

Anthony, Jody and Jarrad letting off fireworks

new house, 20th October, 2001

new house in Chiswick

Scotland, 3rd September, 2001

Anthony & Richard touring through Scotland

Dunoon, 23rd August, 2001

visiting Jodys relatives in Dunoon, Scotland

MacDonalds visiting, 9th August, 2001

Jodys brother, sister & dad stay come for a visit

RIP 200, 3rd August, 2001

Anthonys 200SX has been written off!

Black Downs, 22nd July, 2001

Anthony, Jody and Jarrad walking in the Black Downs

Beachy Head, 15th July, 2001

Anthony, Jody and Jarrad walking around Beachy Head

2001 Goodwood Festival of Speed, 8th July, 2001

Anthony and Jarrad at the 2001 Goodwood Festival of Speed

Tenerife, 23rd June, 2001

Anthony and Jody visiting Christine and Arthur in Tenerife

Rochester, 3rd June, 2001

Anthony, Jody and Jarrad visiting Bruce and Renata in Rochester

Dublin, 26th May, 2001

Anthony, Jody and Jarrad visiting Anthony and Danielle in Dublin

Bournemouth, 19th May, 2001

Anthony and Jody in Bournemouth

Australia, 1st May, 2001

Anthony and Jody back in Australia

Belgium, 13th April, 2001

Anthony, Jody, Jarrad, Rob and Bruce in Belgium

Prague, 9th March, 2001

Anthony and Jody in Prague

North Walsham & Snetterton, 0th February, 2001

Anthony, Jody and Jarrad visiting Jeff and Beth in North Walsham and watching the Caterhams race in Snetterton

RIP Sunny, 0th February, 2001

the poor old sunny is dead

Virginia Waters, 0th February, 2001

walking around Virgina Waters in the Great Windsor Park

the Caterham factory, 0th February, 2001

a trip to the Caterham factory to get a new bonnet and rocker cover for the car back in Australia

new car, 0th February, 2001

Anthonys new Nissan 200SX

Avoriaz, 30th December, 2000

Anthony, Jody and Jarrad snowboarding in Avoriaz, France

scotland, 22nd December, 2000

Anthony, Jody and Jarrad visiting Scotland

North Walsham, 20th January, 2001

Anthony and Jody visiting Jeff and Beth in North Walsham

WRC, 0th December, 2000

Anthony, Bruce and Roger watching a stage of the WRC in Cardiff, Wales

old work, 0th November, 2000

Anthonys old job

Simpsons, 0th October, 2000

visiting Anthonys cousins, the Simpsons

Winchester, 0th October, 2000

visiting Winchester

Bath, 0th September, 2000

Anthony, Jody and Jarrad visiting Bath

house in Chiswick, 0th August, 2000

the house in Chiswick where Anthony, Jody and Jarrad lived

car back home, 1st April, 2000

my Caterham Super Seven back in Australia