Wednesday 2nd June, 2004

Went to the local Caterham Club get together at the Swan in Great Shefford. Lots of nice cars to see.

Thursday 3rd June, 2004

Paul Ashbyís going away drinks in Reading.

Friday 4th June, 2004

Ness came round to check out the new pad.

Saturday 5th June, 2004

Shopping in Reading, emptied storage place. Wathched a TaeKwonDo black belt tournament that night. Few hours work when I got home.

Sunday 6th June, 2004

Jogging. Working, shopping, work, gym, great bbq at Danís, Harry Potter movie in the cinema.

Tuesday 8th June, 2004

Watched a scary movie at Ianís.

Friday 11th June, 2004

Gym in morning, Drove to London, night out with Ian and Jazz in Islington.

Saturday 12th June, 2004

Woke up hung, Ian left, into London to look at pressies for Rob, found some sun glasses. Rock climbing, jogged back, fun night out in Camden.

Sunday 13th June, 2004

Woke up hung, stuffed around at Jazz for a while, home, gym, installed TV card which didnít really work.

Monday 14th June, 2004

Hit a guy accidentally at Taekwondo and really opened his face up, didnít sleep as a result.

Tuesday 15th June, 2004

Robís birthday!!

Drove to Portsmouth after work, diner in Bar 38 with Rob, Fi, Nesta and Matt. Out in Chicagos with Rob, Fi and Jason. Jason sang New York, New York on the Karaoke stage, very very funny.

Wednesday 16th June, 2004

Up early, drove Jason to mine where he chilled during the day and I went to work.

Friday 18th June, 2004

Drove to Jazzís. Big night out in Camden, ended up in R&B club, very funny

Saturday 19th June, 2004

8:30 wake up, Ascott, bus left Victoria at 10:30, had an amazing day at the races, drank lots, saw lots, drank lots more, bus back into Soho London then to a club with the team till 2am. Fantastic day!!

Sunday 20th June, 2004

Moped around Jazz feeling hungover. Made our way to Hyde Park and saw Chicks on Speed, James Brown and Red Hot Chili Peppers. The first act was booíd off, James Brown was average and the Peppers were amazing.

Tuesday 22nd June, 2004

TKD then off to the Swan with Ian, Dan and Simon.

Wednesday 23rd June, 2004

Jason round, drinks in Reading with Julian.

Thursday 24th June, 2004

England Vs Portugal, out in Reading with work folk and Jason.

Friday 25th June, 2004

Leave at 3:30, pick Jazz up from St Albums. Drive to Peak District. We had a very late start. We ended up climbing to the top of the range at midnight and camping on a pile of peat. Not much fun at the time but funny to look back on.

Saturday 26th June, 2004

Big day of walking which was ok, very very average weather, camp by a reservoir and got millions of midgie bites, not much fun at all.

Sunday 27th June, 2004

walk back long long way, nice pub meal just out of Sheffield, get to Jazz 5:30, home 7:15. Clean up after camping. Work on site and diary. Now covered in midgie bites which keeped me up all week.